What to look out for in a tradesman?

If you are carrying out a renovation project on your home or commercial premises, your choice of tradesmen will naturally have a significant impact on the quality, cost and timeliness of the building project. It is within every homeowner’s interest to have reliable, credible and quality tradesmen work on a renovation development. But how to we pick tradesmen we can rely on?

Use tradesmen that are members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

The FMB is the biggest trade association in the construction industry in Britain. For more than 75 years, the FMB has been championing continuous improvements in building standards.

Every tradesman and construction company that is a member of the FMB is proven to follow the strict membership criteria and disputes service stipulated by the organisation. Consequently, this gives those looking to employ tradesmen confidence that the builders and construction professionals adhere to a meticulous set of standards and practices, thus giving you peace of mind your building project will be in safe hands.

Agree payment terms in advance

In order to help prevent being overcharged by tradesmen, aim to agree with the payment terms upfront. It would be wise to get a quote for the project before you hand the work to a particular builder. Getting an official quote from the tradesman means the costs, legally, cannot be changed. By contrast, an estimate can be altered so it is important to ask for a quote rather than an estimate.

When asking for a quote check whether the cost includes VAT to avoid any nasty addons at a later date.


Does the builder you are thinking of giving your refurbishment project to have the experience and credentials to carry out a decent job?

Before agreeing to a specific tradesman or building company, be sure to adequately research the tradesmen to ensure they have suitable experience of the job in hand.

It is also a good idea to look at testimonials from former clients and to ask for references to ensure you are happy the tradesmen are sufficiently qualified to do a good job.

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