The rise of the annex: Why cross-generation accommodation is in hot demand

Affably coined ‘granny annexes’, liveable space for Grandma and Grandpa, where they can be close enough to the family while retaining some privacy, additional dwellings to the main family property have, for a long time, been desirable.

Though with the population living longer and the rising price of housing meaning youngsters are unable to buy their first home and are living with their parents well into their 20s, 30s and even 40s, annexes are increasingly proving to be an essential feature of the family home.
Determined to give younger and older generations their own space, homeowners in Britain are jumping on the trend of building separate dwellings on their land or converting existing outbuildings to make a comfortable and stylish liveable space.

The rise of the ‘graddy’ annexe

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), during the last decade, the number of young people, aged 20 – 24, living with their parents has risen by 25%. Research also shows in 2015, almost half of the graduates who paid full tuition fees, are now living back home with their parents.
So prevalent has the trend to build and renovate accommodation to house relatives that the amount of property with an additional annex for family members has increased by a third in the last two years.

Changes to council tax breaks for annexes for relatives has also contributed to the rise in so-called ‘graddy’ and ‘granny’ annexes. Prior to April 2014, full council tax rates had to be paid on annexes attached to a main property if they contained fitted bathrooms or kitchens. Providing the occupier of the annexe is a member of the family, council tax bills on annexed property is discounted by 50%.

The average cost of the annexe extension finished to a quality standard, is priced at £20,000, with the cost generally being lower if the annexe is a garage extension. Compared to the cost and upheaval of moving, annexes certainly make financial sense.

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