How to keep a building project on track during the winter

If there’s one thing we can’t control, it’s the weather and unfortunately winter weather throws a lot of extremities our way. Building outside during the cold winter months might not be ideal but what we can control is how the construction project is managed.

In fact, a key trait of quality building project management is being proactive about the weather.

If you’re embarking on a building project during the winter or are already half way through a construction job which won’t be finished until well into the winter, take a look at the following advice on how to keep a building project on track during the cold, wet and dark season ahead.

Prepare for freezing temperatures

Many building materials don’t like frost. Cement, for example, can freeze and will therefore not mix sufficiently with mortar, thus creating problems and headaches for builders. Cracks could also arise in brickwork due to freezing temperatures, again creating problems that will need to be resolved.

Whilst there is no outright solution to the issues freezing weather can cause to construction work, looking at weather forecasts and carrying out bricklaying and other work during milder spells could help prevent problems occurring. As frost tends to arrive during the night, covering up all building work overnight should also be a priority.

Less daylight

With the days shorter and the nights longer, there’s significantly less daylight for construction teams to work with during the winter. Bringing floodlights and heaters to building sites is a way to overcome this issue. As is ensuring teams start promptly as soon as it becomes light, which can enable them to pack up a bit early when it gets dark.

Think about security

Building sites can be lucrative places for thieves looking to steal expensive equipment and machinery, building materials and even scrap metal. The darkness of the winter presents greater opportunity for opportunist thieves to hover around a building site and steal valuable items.

The risk of such potentialities can be reduced by installing CCTV cameras on sites and ensuring valuable equipment and materials are locked away.

It may require a little extra work but with careful planning and preparation, there’s no reason why building projects should not be continued all winter long.

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