Five cost-effective ways to improve your home in 2018

Home improvements don’t have to involve months of living with scaffolding, noisy builders, a house covered in the dust, and a hefty budget put aside. On the contrary, there’s plenty of ways to improve your home without having to knock walls down or break the bank!

If 2018 comes with New Year aspirations to inject more style, space, light and functionality into your home without having to re-mortgage the property, take a look at the following five cost-effective ways to improve your home in the months ahead.

Be generous with mirrors

An abundance of light can be created in a room by simply hanging mirrors on the walls. Be strategic where you position the mirrors. Placing them opposite windows will maximise the impact of natural lighting, making a room appear lighter and bigger.

The power of a porch

If your home has limited space and the living room is entered directly through the front door, building a porch can be the perfect solution to creating more space and additional storage.

Porches are convenient places to store shoes, coats, hats and scarfs, and other essential outdoor items. This additional living space can also reduce the drafts entering the home, making a property warmer and cosier. What’s more, a porch can be constructed fairly easily without costing a fortune.

Be savvy with glazing

The style and quality of your windows can make a huge difference to overall look, comfort, security and efficiency of your home. Replacing single glazed windows with double or triple glazing can positively impact the comfort and energy efficiency of a property, consequently adding value to your home and making it considerably cosier in the process.

A garden makeover

A garden is one of the most important features of a property and simply devoting time and effort to giving your garden a makeover will go a long way in making your property more appealing. Begin by mowing the lawn, removing the weeds and cutting the hedge, to ensure your garden is instantly more attractive.

A lick of paint

You may be surprised at just how far a lick of paint will go in altering the general feel and look of your home. Start by repainting well-used rooms such as the kitchen and living room. Painting cabinets in the kitchen will give the hub of the home a fresh new look. If you’re feeling really brave, why not paint the furniture in the living room in a shabby chic style?

If you’re planning on making home improvements a New Year’s resolution in 2018 and would like some expert guidance and support on interior refurbishment projects, get in touch with the team of construction and interior refurbishment specialists at Arti Construction today.