Design ideas to make a home office a versatile spare bedroom

More than 1.5 million people now work from home in the UK. With the prolific advances in remote technology and changes in working patterns driving more and more people to work from the confines of their own homes, home offices are a common feature of many modern properties.

You may have a quality, state-of-the-art home office, but when guests come and stay, where do you put them? This is when some careful planning, design know-how and interior creativity is required, to ensure your home office can double up as a versatile and comfortable spare room.

Take a look at the following design ideas to make a home office coexist as an attractive spare bedroom.


Make use of sofa beds


Sofa beds were incredible inventions. In a home office, these dual-functioning features provide a comfy place to sit and enjoy a coffee break from the deskwork, whilst cleverly doubling up as a cosy bed when guests arrive. Naturally, sofa beds come in a multitude of styles and designs, so opt for one that’s in-keeping with the overall style of your home office. If it’s modern with sleek lines and a contemporary finish, make sure your sofa bed is too!


A desk with wheels


Desks are a tell-tale sign that a living space is being used as a home office. Instead of making the desk a permanent fixture in your home office, have one with wheels that is light and easy to transport. This way, it can be easily wheeled away when guests come to stay.


A storage bed


If you don’t fancy battling with the inconvenience of a sofa bed and would prefer to have one that stays permanently up, opt for a storage bed. Equipped with compartments underneath, these types of beds provide a great storage solution in a home office. Your guests will never know they are sleeping on top of all your paperwork and documents in a stylish storage bed!


Bring out the blinds


Curtains can look a little ‘bedroom-like’ in a space designed for an office. However, if anyone sleeps in this room they will need the privacy curtains create. This is when blinds offer the perfect solution. Not only do blinds look sleek, stylish and more in-keeping with a

home office, but when someone sleeps in the room they can shut the blinds and enjoy some much-needed privacy.


If you are thinking about renovating space in your home, whether it’s turning a currently unused room into a stylish home office or converting the loft into a spare bedroom, get in contact with Arti Construction, specialists in the design and construction of property renovations.